DIY Date Night Jar

Me and The Boyfriend never really spend quality time together. When the little ones are in bed, i'm too tired to move really. We just end up watching tv, or I go on the computer, and he goes on the Xbox.

I'm partly to blame yes, so I decided to come up with some date night ideas, 
so we can appreciate each others company now and then. 

I'm even going to write them on the calendar. There's no excuse. :)

I also wanted to get a little creative and make him a gift for Valentines Day, so why not combine the two?
And Ta-Dah! The Date Night Jar!
I've seen a lot of good ones on Pinterest, so I wanted to give it a go myself.

You Will Need:
* A Jar
* Lolly Sticks (I bought coloured ones)
* Things to decorate your jar
* Date ideas!

1. Decorate your jar! 
I was going to paint the jar, or decorate it in some way, but I decided to just leave it clear.
I did however decorate the lid, with red acrylic paint, and some sparkles. :)

2. While that's drying, write down your date ideas on the lolly sticks.
I colour coded mine -
Plain for out & about dates &
Coloured for stay at home dates.

3. Pop all your date idea sticks into the jar. Top it off with a label, and some string!

4. And ta-dah!

Now all you have to do is when Date Night comes around, pick out a stick.
No more "What shall we do?"!
What do you think?
Will you be making a Date Night Jar?


Anna said...

Love it!! We try for at home date nights most Friday's and this might be a great idea! Cheers. #twinklytuesday

Anonymous said...

I was just saying to the hubby last night we need to do a regular date night, no phones etc. Will be trying these looks a fab idea. Is so easy to get stuck in a rut isn't it. Now our youngest is in a routine must make more time for this. Love your blog too! So pretty

Stacey xxx

Unknown said...

Such a cute idea. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

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