DIY Heart Bunting

I love making crafts for my home, (even if the boyfriend doesnt always approve haha)!
I wanted to get started making a few things to decorate the home for Valentines Day.  ♥ 
You Will Need:
* Burlap
* String
* Red acrylic paint
* (optional) Heart Stamp
* (optional) Fabric Pens/Sharpies

1. Cut out the individual banner shapes.
I used a template, I can't draw.

2. Paint on or stamp some red heart on the banner shapes.
3. You could complete the banners by adding a little decoration such as glitter, outlining the hearts, or adding stitching.

4. Cut your string to size, and glue onto the back of the banner shapes.
5. Hang up & admire!
What do you think?
Will you be making your own adorable heart bunting?

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