DIY Valentines Craft for Little Ones ♥

I wanted to do a Valentines Day inspired craft with my little girl, to encourage her to celebrate the day too.

So we decided to create some super simple hearts to put up in the window!

You will need:
* An empty milk bottle
* red tissue paper
* glue
* cotton
* hole punch

1. First, I cut the sides of the milk bottle of (we only need the flat pieces) and then cut out some heart shapes!

2. Next, I covered (and I mean covered!) the hearts in glue, tore up pieces of the tissue paper and let little girlie get to work!

3. She covered both sides of the hearts with tissue paper, and we let them dry.

4. When they were completely dry, I hole punched some holes at the tops of the hearts, and strung the up with some thread.

5. Popped them in the window, and ta-dah!

What do you think?

Will you be doing some Valentines Day inspired crafts with your little ones?

1 comment

Unknown said...

So cute Sarah! xx

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