Lets Go For Coffee!

It's funny when people ask me, or I suggest "Shall we go for Coffee?"
I don't drink coffee. Like ever. 
I love TEA. 
But I always say "Yes, lets have Coffee."
Why not Milkshake? Or Pineapple juice?! 
Anyway, that is completely beside the point of this post.
I wanted to do a bit of a catch up.

Have a chit chat, or possibly a chinwag or maybe even a gossip?
What ever you like to call it, just imagine we are sat in a cute little cafe, sipping our hot beverages.

You'd start by saying "You look tired".
I'll say "I'm always tired, this is how my face looks now".
Then we'll laugh, and i'll be slightly annoyed about that little insult.

Right, this is not how this post was supposed to go. 
I'm just gonna blabber on a bit.

Yes I am tired.
My little girl is full of cold, and my little boy is teething.
Neither of them are sleeping, and they both prefer my bed to their own.

But right now, at this moment in time, i'm ignoring the tiredness.
I'm focusing on my goals, our plans as a family, dreams, wishes.

Every day I have a to-do list, and every evening only a few things have been ticked off, but thats ok.
Moving forward..just keep swimming.

On another point, I'm unhappy with the way I look.
Two pregancies, and two babies later, I am not the size I used to be.
I get so HANGRY and stressed that I just like to comfort eat right now. (My weapon of choice is currently Creme Eggs. I will be so upset pleased when they stop selling them.)

But that's ok, if you're unhappy with something, do something about it.
Don't just sit there and complain.

I'm joining Slimming World, with a couple of my friends soon.
I've got my exercise dvds out ready.
I'm using my Brita bottle every day, and filling my fridge with fresh fruit & veg.

Next problem is shifting this mumsy persona I feel I have.
Ok, I am a mummy, I do blog about being a mummy, and talk about it 90% of the day, but I feel like I look like one of those mums who is so unorganised, tired, stressed, and really un-put-together.

I'm getting my favourite dresses out, the ones that don't quite fit me at the moment, but thats ok - Motivation.
I'm getting my hair cut & dyed, the way I like it.

Buying myself some nice new makeup. It's good to take care of you, now & then.

I'm trying to make an effort every day.
Be healthier, feel healthier. Taking care of myself.

*and breathe* 

How are things with you?
What would you like to blabber over coffee about?


Fionnuala said...

Oh I know hoe you feel. I have a tired looking face I can't get rid of even though my children all sleep through now. I hate when people tell me I look like I need a break. It insults me. I feel fine.
As for the hunger, Twix is my current favourite. When I say current I mean for the last 30 years :)

Samantha P said...

Ah Sarah it sounds like you've got every great intention on your side and I know that always makes me feel better. The tiredness is the killer but the comfort eating... well let's just say i've been doing a whole lot of that lately too. Thanks for linking up again to #thetruthabout X

Jessica Powell said...

*hugs* I can so relate to you all on this - I've put a ton of weight on since having Marianna and I just can't find the energy to really get started and do something about it. I'll get there though! x

Lucy Melissa Smith said...

I adore the way you write and structure your posts lovely - don't ever change ;)
I can relate to this completely but I could really do with a cupful of your motivation if you could throw some this way? Haha!
Like you, I feel like I've just got to 'keep swimming' and I really need to take some time to sort myself out as I'm sure I look like a complete mess 99% of the time!
Sending hugs and good wishes, it's fabulous that you're making plans to make yourself feel better :)