The V Word

If you're easily embarrassed I suggest you stop reading right now.


Still here? OK good.
I am going to be talking about the V Word.
It's funny how the letter V is even shaped like one!
If you're embarrassed by the word vagina, I'd leave. I'm going to be highlighting it every time, get used to it. :)

Vagina's. Foo Foos, or whatever you like to call them, have been in the news an awful lot lately.
I'm going to start with the latest story, which all began on CBB.
Now I cannot stand Celebrity Big Brother, it's worse than the normal big brother, and I didn't actually watch what happened, I've only read about it.
Well apparently, Stephanie Davis (from Hollyoaks) was humiliated the other night, because she had put some dirty knickers in the dirty washing pile. OK? Then the boys of the house, went through the pile and found the knickers, which had a bit of discharge. They shouted in disgusted, and were mocking whoevers they belonged too. Stephanie admitted they were hers through sheer embarrassment. The worst part is, the other girls in the house, joined in the mocking too. I mean WTF.
Seriously, how immature and cruel is that.

This story really annoyed me. It's such a pathetic and childish thing to do.
I mean, they wouldn't want me to come round to their house, look through their laundry basket, and show off their skidmarked boxers to other people, all laugh about it, on live TV.
Childish bullies.

Also, what in the hell were Channel 5 thinking when they allowed this to air?
Seriously? No woman deserve to be shamed like that no matter if "they knew what they were in for"!

Secondly, just to say it. Don't be embarrassed.
Discharge is normal. (most, but not all discharge, check with your doctor)
Discharge means your vagina is healthy, it self cleans. It's amazing.

Onto the second story. Tampons are a luxury.
I know it was a while ago, when all the news about the new tax hit the headlines, but I'm just gonna say it.
Tampons are not a luxury. They are a necessity.
They aren't a special pay day treat, and they really aren't something you enjoy purchasing.
No one says "OOH, my cheeky Friday night treat, some tampons!"
or "I've been saving for months, I'm going to treat myself to some tampons".

Is kangaroo meat a necessity?
Or Herbal teas?
What about teacakes, or Jaffa cakes?

These are all deemed necessities, and therefore have no VAT.
Seriously. Is that what this world has come to?

Oh let's charge women more for having periods, but hey at least they can eat kangaroo meat for less.
Also tampons are deemed a 'sexual health product'. Which makes it make even less sense.
Would you rather be clean and healthy down there, or eat teacakes?
See. WHAT!!

Anyway, that's my vagina rant over.
Now for the good bit.

Vagina's are awesome.
People have to stop being terrified by them, or embarrassed or disgusted, or whatever.
Vagina's are amazing. 
They are really strong!
They bring babies into the world!
They self clean!
They tell you when its baby making time!
They expand. A lot.
Vagina's are fantastic.

So I say, f**k you penises!


Marissa D said...

That's some serious passion about vaginas! All I have to add is, that is why I do not watch celebrities on those crazy shows


Laura said...

I was quite disgusted with the way Steph was treated on CBB. The fact that she was humiliated about such a normal thing is ridiculous and just highlighted the immature, warped views of the housemates and society in general sadly. It's a totally normal thing, nothing to be ashamed of. Society needs to get a grip...periods, discharge, childbirth. All natural, all normal. Nothing to see here.

Go team vagina!!!

Moderate Mum said...

I'm making a real effort to try and normalise the female experience. I've just got to the stage where I can go to the toilet at work with my bag (signalling I have my period)and not have to be all cloak and dagger about it #TwinklyTuesday

Carolyn Voong said...

I didn't see that episode of CBB, I've gone off it now, although I did watch a few of the episodes at the beginning. So immature, the behaviour in that house! #twinklytuesday


Sarah Bear =] said...

Thanks for the comments. :)
I agree about the whole on your period, taking your bag to the bathroom.
That was always SO embarrassing at school!!

Charlotte said...

Oh how brilliant you are for writing this ! #TheList

Hannah Walter said...

I don't watch CBB, and I'm so glad because of what you have just written here. I'm so angry that it was aired, and that it even happened. Poor woman. Tampons should be free, for literally every woman in the world, we cannot help that we have periods. The people who tax have more money than sense, and I love that you have written this post! It's brilliant, and so very true and honest!

Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

Mummascribbles said...

I love the last bit...go vaginas! I haven't been watching (or even reading about) cbb but I can totally believe that this all happened because they just have no sense of when to not show things. From what i have seen, there seems to have been some real bullying in there which I think is disgusting to be showed on TV. The problem with them is is that it's all about the viewers. As long as they're getting viewers they don't care who is belittled. You are so right though...vaginas seem to come as something that should be an embarrassing thing when really they should be celebrated! Great post! #TheList

Sarah Howe said...

bahaha I love this! I'm disgusted by the CBB thing. I don't watch it but can't believe they aired that! Awful. Nope I don't like the way mine looks but I'm amazed by what it did and does. Fab post! Go Vaginas! xx #thetruthabout

Jessica Powell said...

I don't watch CBB or anything like that, but it sounds awful. Discharge is normal and healthy, but it's still seen as something weird or, worse, something to be ashamed of. Totally agree re. the 'tampon tax' too (though as a sanitary towel user the name always irks me slightly, lol). x #thetruthabout

john adams said...

Um, no. I am going to disagree with your final sentiment. I think penises deserve all the respect that vaginas do. As it happens I clearly recall a moment from the very first very Big Brother (yes I am that old) when one of the girls got into one of the boys' beds for warmth (he wasn't around) and remarked that is was, ahem, well stained from his discharges, albeit self adminstered. Needless to say others joined in. On a vaguely related note, you might like this review I recently did (yes me, a man) on a female sanitary product service: #truthabout

Samantha P said...

First of all I don't watch Big Brother of any variety any more (although one of my friends at work cracked me up describing the whole 'David's died' farce) but yes, it all sounds ridiculously childish. I'm totally with you on the 'luxury' tampon tax - when you compare it to Bingo herbal teas and Jaffa Cakes that really does put things in perspective! I really hope they drop such a stupid idea - you know for a fact that a male politician came up with that one. Thanks so much for dropping by #thetruthabout this week! X

Aby Moore said...

CBBs sounds shocking, very immature indeed. This post rocks huni. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

Jenny Evans said...

Is that really what passes for entertainment these days? I KNEW there was a reason we don't have a TV!

Mel Davies said...

What a brilliant post, sometimes these things need to be said!

Lilies and Lipbalm

Carol Cameleon said...

CBB aside (never have watched, never will watch!), taxing for sanitary products is a disgrace and angers me sooo much... Actually a very important blog post that I hope makes a bit of difference! #truthabout

Lucy Melissa Smith said...

Eeek I love this post and completely agree with you that the lady in question shouldn't have been shamed and treated that way (I didn't watch it myself either although I did hear about it) and that tampons are NOT a luxury. I just can't even comprehend, what logic have they used? What else are we supposed to use each month? How is that not a necessity? Urgh.

Thanks for linking up this month (the new month is now open for your posts if you've got another to link up? It'd be great to have you!)