What We're Doing For Valentines Day ♥

I have never really celebrated Valentines Day. I've exchanged chocolates and flowers, lovey dovey cards etc

I still don't really intend to go crazy this year, but I am going to celebrate it!

Our plan for the day is to spend the day with the little ones, bake some gingerbread hearts, play all day.

I'm going to be cooking steak, onion rings, mushrooms, chips, the works, for our dinner. It doesn't sound romantic, 
but you can't beat a good steak. :)
Let's just hope I don't burn them! Haha

Finally when the little ones are tucked up in bed, I've got a little 'couples quiz' for me and the boyfriend.

Then the plan is to snuggle on the sofa, lots of snacks and watch a nice, cheesy movie together.

A relaxing and stress free day. :)
(Well, let's hope it goes to plan!)

What's your plans for Valentines Day?

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