Why I Want To Be My Baby

Ok, So I don't really want to be my baby.
I don't want to go back to being 6 months old again. No Siree.

But come on, don't you secretly envy babies just a little bit?

Here's some reasons why being a baby must be totally awesome.

* Babies have food when & wherever they want it.
Imagine, I'd like a cup of tea..OOOP there it is. Haha.

* Babies get to wear the comfiest, cosiest, cutest clothes all day long.
No tight jeans, no fiddly buttons, no make up, no push up bras.
Let's all just live in onesies, yes?

* Babies can nap whenever they want to.
They get to nap, all the time, for however long, wherever they are.
Just like, Yup im tired. Im asleep.
Oh how I wish I could nap like that.

* Babies have their own butlers and maids.
Bring me food! Clean my bottom!

Oh that reminds me,

*Babies don't even have to wipe themselves.

* Babies are always gorgeous.
And everyone knows it! Everyone smiles at babies, babies are always admired.

* Babies have the best clothes.
Hands down.

* Babies constantly receive gifts.
Ooh look a teddy bear, and new bottle, some adorable socks!
I'd like some adorable socks! Anyone?

Babies are awesome.

Are you envious of babies?


Emma Cox said...

Your little bubbas are so gorgeous!

Min said...

I am so jealous of babies for their ability to nap-and also their comfy pushchairs and prams, especially when it's raining and they're all cosy in their little rainproof tents! My son doesn't seem to understand how lucky he is in this regard! #SundayStars

Natalie Brown said...

I would also add to the list being pushed around in a cosy pushchair, never getting cold or wet! #sundaystars

Amy Treasure said...

I think it sounds like heaven! Eating and sleeping whenever I want? Yes please! Thanks for linking up to #thelist x

Lucy Howard said...

Ha ha! This is a great post. It is true, babies have life very easy. Imagine being pushed around in a carriage whilst you sleep all warm and cosy. It sounds like bliss. Who could ask for anything more? Thanks for linking up to Sunday Stars. Hugs Lucy xxxx