30 Date Night Ideas ♥

As I explained in this post, The Boyfriend & I haven't been spending too much quality time together.We like to do our own things to be honest.
But it is important to spend time together too, just the two of us.

We've started having regular date nights, where it's all about us.
The little ones are tucked up in bed, and we've already planned what we're going to do.

Now we've started having proper dates, I've realised how important it really is.
Even if it means scheduling time together, and writing it on the calender. 
A scheduled date is better than no date! ♥

I've been researching and looking up so many date night ideas recently,
so I've compiled a list of inspiration.
Enjoy :)
* Go out for a meal
* Watch Stand up comedy
* Movie night (popcorn too) You pick the movie!
* Movie night - They pick the movie!
* Play Board Games
* Go to the cinema
* Go out for a drink
* Go out for Milkshakes!
* Paint canvases of each other
* Paint mugs for each other
* Quiz Night
* Watch a band
* Try to break a World Record!
* Me VS You - Xbox, Playstation etc
* Write bucket lists, for yourself, for you as a couple/family
* £10 Date - only spend £10, split it or use it all.
Buy whatever you want!
* Be a tourist in your own town
* Go exploring woodland
* Cook a meal together
* Turn off all devices, phones, tv's etc & just talk! 
* TV show marathon
* Picnic under the stars
* Camp in your living room
* Scavenger Hunt
* Go Geo-caching
* Spa Night At Home
* Take a class
* Take a 'Couples Quiz'
* Find the funniest videos on Youtube
* Get a takeaway delivered
What do you think?

Will you be planning 
any of these date nights?

1 comment

Debbie said...

Hi Sarah, I read of so many people doing 'Date Nights', but have never made the effort myself (I know we really should). I think after being together for so long we just pootle along out of habit.

We do sometimes look for old music videos on YouTube, but that's with the children too (and how we laugh!). And we will go for walks, but that doesn't really feel like a 'Date'.

I'd like to suggest a Spa night at home, just to see my husbands face, it will be a classic I'm sure!


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