BAD Life Lessons Taught By Teen Movies

I wanted to do another movie post.
I like writing about movies, although I don't watch as many as I used to.
Sad times.

I have previously shared with you my list of 
Good Life Lessons Taught By Teen Movies,
so today I wanted to share with you the stupid advice, 
the awful lessons that really, just suck.


Totally makeover your entire self 
to get the man you want.
If you like somebody, and they don't like you back, 
maybe you should change your entire image!
Lose weight, change your fashion, get a new hair cut, 
and absolutely 100% wear tons of make up.

If you persevere, 
you can get anyone you want!
That's it, keep calling them, keep following them, 
force them to ditch their partner & they will be yours!

Be a bitch, it'll make people like you!
Be mean about others behind their backs, or even to their faces.
You will be popular.
Set up a camera in your bedroom
Just don't.

Date a delinquent 
There's nothing better than dating someone who plays with fire, 
steals, smokes, spends every Friday night in prison. 
If you want to show someone you love them, 
you have to do a huge romantic OTT gesture,
in a very public place!
You can't just tell them, or ask them out. No way.
( I do love this scene though)
If you;
wear glasses
design your own clothes
only have one car
or like art = You are poor.
And you will struggle to find love.

Make bets on love!
Date someone for a bet, make them like you for a bet.
The best day of school is your Prom.
(This is a very American lesson, but a lesson all the same)

Pregnancy is a minor inconvenience
The issue can be resolved soon enough.
I do think its good to have a movie that does show pregnancy in a different way, 
but by the end of the movie Juno, the fact that she had a baby 
just seems to have been forgotten.

The worst part is, some of these I believed when I was a teenager!
Can you think of any more?


Briony S said...

Brilliant! I used to believe a lot of these too when I was a teen. Still gotta love the movies though :-)

Laura Powell-Corbett said...

I do love all of those films but the lessons in them are appalling now I read about it! #TheList

EmmaT said...

Ha ha, love this. These just make teen movies. But it is a little worrying that some people might take these messages as truths. #thelist

Aby Moore said...

Ha ha! Well quite! What a bad example these films set. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x