Cat's Got The Measles, Mumma's Got The Flu..

Chicken's Got The Chicken Pox & SO HAVE YOU!
(Does anyone else remember this?!)
So I've been ill these past couple of weeks, it may or may not have been the flu.
Probably not, maybe just a super bad cold, but i'm telling you it aint no normal cold.
Perhaps Man Flu? Can women get Man flu? Haha.

So yeah, I haven't left the house for days, been snuggled up in bed, eating soup and drinking infinite amounts of tea, while glancing at Netflix, in between naps.


This is not true.
I am a Stay at Home Mum, with an excitable toddler, and a teething baby.

We all had colds about 2 weeks back, slight coughs and runny noses.
I thought to myself  'It'll be ok, we'll all get over it in a week or so, cold's are ignorable, I can carry on'.

The Boyfriend got a bit of a cold, the little ones had runny noses, I got the worst of it.
Runny nose, chesty cough, earache, toothache, headache.
Being sick from the pain. Oh how much fun that was.

Sorry if it sounds like I was feeling sorry for myself.
(Truth is I was some days)

Working Mums, Stay at Home Mums all know -
Getting ill is not in the job description.
It needs to be avoided at all costs, and if you do so happen to get ill, 
you must ignore it 
and carry on as normal.

You still have to clean & tidy, get little ones dressed, entertain them, do the food shopping, take them to bed at night, do everything you would do normally, except this time, you feel like crap.
(Trying to celebrate Mother's Day, 
and take a nice photo where you don't like disgusting and ill, is hard work too! Haha)

I'm not complaining, I love being a mum, and I love my babies more than the world.

But being ill & being a mum at the same time is hard work.

So, don't forget.

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Jenny Evans said...

No kidding. Moms can't get sick!!!