DIY Magnetic Bookmarks

I wish I read more.
I want to be one of those people who reads in bed, before they go to sleep.
Picks up the book again, and reads a bit more while drinking their morning beverage.
I did used to read a lot in bed, but nowadays, I just seem to waste time on the internet until I fall asleep. :/

I have decided I am finally going to start reading the book that has been on my desk for months, and to help me restart this habit, I wanted to make myself a cute bookmark!

You Will Need:
* Thin Paper
* Washi Tape
* Magnetic Tape
1. Cut your paper into a bookmark shape, 
however wide or long you want it.

2. Cover one side of your bookmark with washi tape, 
make sure there is some over the edges though.

3. Turn the bookmark over & fold over the edges neatly.
Put more washi tape on this side to cover the folds.

4. Cut the ends of the tape so it looks tidy, and fold it in half. so the less tidy side is on the inside.

5. Cut two small magnet pieces and stick them to either end of the 
inside of the bookmark.
6. Fold in over a page in a book, to save the page!
You're done!


Do you need to improve your reading habits?
Will you be making this easy, yet super cute DIY bookmark?

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