DIY Vaporising Shower Cubes

Do you know how long it took me to figure out how to spell 'vaporising'?
A LONG time.

I'm full of cold, the little ones are full of cold.
Vapour rub is a constant in our house at the moment.

I am bringing you today the most simple, and easiest DIY for helping with those snuffles.
These little things really are awesome
Just pop one in your drain, or on the side of the bathtub when you have a shower, 
and all the methol-y goodness will be released while you wash!
(I often shower with my little ones in the same room, so it's perfect if they've got snuffles too!)

These MAY make your bath/shower slippery, so put them somewhere out of the way please!

You Will Need:
* Vapor Rub 
(I used baby vapour rub, but that's just so it's not as strong, you can use whatever!)
* Ice cube tray
* Corn Starch/ Corn Flour
* Empty Jar
*( I also added a teensy bit of blue food colouring, just for looks)

1. Pop 3 tablespoons & 1 cup of corn flour into a bowl.
Mix it up! It may take a while to mix together.
2. Add in 2-5 tablespoons water. One at a time. Water. Mix. Water. Mix.
I ended up using 5 tablespoons, maybe I put too much flour I don't know.

3. Once a thick paste has formed, you can add a teensy bit of food colouring if you want.
4. Now you need to fill up your ice cube tray, really squish the paste in there.
I used my hands for this part, it did make it a lot easier, but I COULDN'T get the menthol smell of my hands for hours. decide.

5. Once it's all packed in, pop your tray in the freezer for a couple of hours.
6. Pop them out and display them in a jar, cup, tub etc!

What do you think?
Will you be trying this?


Bethan ThomasW said...

What a fab idea! xx #Thelist

Unknown said...

How awesome I'm on it tomorrow xx thank you