I'm Having A Bad Bad Day..

Everyone has bad days. 
Not just grumpy, tired days. 
The kind of days when you just want to shut your eyes and have some time just you. 
The kind of days when everything makes you cry, like the fact that there's no teabags left 
or you missed your favourite show last night.
I had a bad day last week. The little ones were happy playing, 
and the boyfriend turned the xbox on. 
That was all. I went upstairs, lay on the bed and cried for a few minutes.
Do you ever have bad days like this? 

Here's my helpful list of things to do when you are having a bad day.
Hopefully you take some tips on board, and try to make the best of every day.
Even if you don't really feel like it.

1. Have a shower & get dressed
2. Open a window
3. Exercise
4. Cuddle someone
5. Get of the internet
6. Go for a walk
7. Laugh
8. Eat some chocolate
9. Drink tea
10. Wear colourful socks/shoes
11. Make something
12. Call someone on the phone
13. Put on your favourite song & dance
14. Pick or buy flowers for yourself
15. Give a surprise gift to someone else
16. Nap
17. Make plans. For the week, month, year
18. Print inspirational quotes
19. Appreciate all you have
20. Stop reading this list, go make today an amazing day!

Do you have any tips for when you're having a rubbish day?

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Life As Unusuals said...

A few years ago I probably would have said "everyday is a bad day", but then I was going through a rough patch so it was mostly true. These days it's a little less intense, but like you say, we all have bad days where anything and everything is wrong and sometimes the best thing is to crawl into bed (I like to read or have a little nap) - but there's better ways to deal with it too.

Getting outside is my number one tip. My number one thing I put into practice when I'm having bad days. Fresh air does wonders for the soul :)

~ K