The Day Our House Caught Fire

On Thursday, the little ones and I went out for the day, The Boyfriend was at home. 
At about 10:30 I heard my phone ringing. 6 missed calls. 
I call The Boyfriend back to see what was up, and to be completely blunt,
he told me our house was on fire! WHAT.
I didn't really believe him. 
The fire started in our garden, probably somewhere around the huge cardboard boxes full of bedding that was going to the tip. I imagine duvets and pillows are very flammable! 

The fire then spread to our fence, and garden, our next-door neighbours kitchen and our kitchen. Luckily our next door neighbour's window just got a bit burnt, nothing too bad. 
Our garden is black, our kitchen windows are boarded up. 

I'm making it sound a lot more dramatic than it was. Haha. 

But it was still scary! 
I think I'd have been utterly useless if I had been there, 
(probably something like this)
and I am so thankful the little ones weren't there! 
I just keep thinking about what might have happened.
Now to get back on with cleaning up the black soot everywhere.

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Danielle Eskdale said...

Oh no Sarah! Bless your heart, thank goodness you were all safe. So sorry to hear this - it's your home either way, no matter how bad it was. I hope it's all easily sorted.