Not Being A Niche Blogger

I've been meaning to write this post for such a long time. I guess I've been putting it off or something. But it's something I've found hard,and bloggers seem to have so many different opinions on it. 
I have no niche. I am not a 'niche' blogger.
I used to think it wasn't a problem, and I could just write about whatever I wanted to write about. I'm starting to feel like it is an issue now though.
Mainly because it feels harder to connect with other bloggers and the blogging community in general. 

Sometimes I feel like a lifestyle blogger, but I have children so it occasionally feels like I have nothing in common with other lifestyle bloggers, especially during Twitter chats.

Other times I feel like a Mummy blogger, because I do write about being a mum, but I write about other things too and I don't write about my 'daily life' like many other Mummy bloggers do. They seem more experienced, talented, knowledgeable. Because I have children, does that mean I have the skills to be a Mummy blogger?
I feel like I'm not a proper Mummy blogger.

I'm finding it hard to connect with other bloggers, sometimes we don't have a lot to talk about, other times I feel like, I'm the odd one out. I try to chat to other lifestyle bloggers and it feels like I don't fit in, like I'm the mum who's just trying be cool with the youngsters. Haha.

But in a totally ridiculous way, I don't feel like I fit in with the Mummy bloggers either. They seem more experienced, talented, knowledgeable. Because I have children, does that mean I have the skills to be a Mummy blogger?

It's probably just me being insecure. 
Do you have a niche? Do you find it harder if you don't have one?

It sometimes feels like being back at school, not fitting in properly, not being part of a group. Just me. 
I just feel like I don't know where I belong.


Entertaining Elliot said...

I don't feel like I have a niche really, I like writing about days out and local attractions. I like posting photos of our week. We do reviews. A bit of everything really! x

Morgan Mills said...

I feel the same way as you!

I don't have a niche and I don't want one. I find them restricting. Let's say I had a beauty blog, and I just watched a fantastic film. Am I allowed to review the film, would I lose readers?

Too confusing :p. I keep it simple and write about everything I want to!

Morgan x

Anonymous said...

Niche? What is that "niche" you're talking about?
I'm sorry, I had to write this...
However I don't have a niche either. My blog is really "colorful" and exactly how I want it to be.
Even tho it makes it hard to connect with people, I like it the way it is and I'm not planning to change it.
It would be far more comfortable to have a niche, and even more profitable (I mean get more views). But I don't really care about that, as long as I have people reading.

Samantha P said...

I used to worry about this Sarah (and see my post "The Mediocre Blog Awards" - 'most muddled niche hopper' gets top billing!). I guess you have to have a long hard think about why you write a blog. If it's because you want to make money from it or get specific opportunities (foodie experiences/family themed days out etc) then yes, being more consistent with content might be a big deal. If you were hoping to win an award (other than mine :-) ) then just look at the categories - that speaks of having a clearly defined niche. But if you want to talk about what matters or interests you and meet like minded people then just be you. I often find myself feeling like its a popularity contest (particularly in awards season) which is very "school playground" and that hurts sometimes but you just have to find your audience - even if it feels like a small one. I have made some lovely supportive friends through my blog and that makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for being part of #thetruthabout X

Victoria Welton said...

I understand exactly how you feel as I used to be this way. Towards the end of last year I finally decided that I needed to write for me - and enjoy it - and if others read it then that was great but it wasn't why I was doing it. I haven't been a niche blogger ever. I just look at my blog as a magazine, a bit of variety for all! I hope you settle into where you feel comfortable soon xx #TheTruthAbout

Louise Fairweather said...

I don't have a niche, and I don't really care. I haven't got the time at the moment to separate my blog so it's a combination of everything. Personally I read most blogs when a title interests me, so if other people do the same then it doesn't really matter x

thesingleswan said...

Niche? What's that? I certainly don't have one unless single mums moaning about their exes is a niche. Even then, looking back over previous posts I am just as likely to write about theatre, art, wallpaper stripping and dating. Write for you would be my advice. Pen X #thetruthabout

Lucy Howard said...

Oh bless you honey. I hate for think if you not feeling like you belong. Because you do. I don't think it matters whether you have a niche or not. You are a blogger and that it the most important thing. I personally believe that every blogger is niche because only they can write from their experience and with their voice. And that is the most important thing. I have never been a traditional mummy blogger as such. I have never written a oost on how to parent or anything like that. But I do write about my life as a mother because that is an important part of my life. I also write about my miscarriages and struggles with depression because they are part of my life too. But I don't think they make me niche. I just write about what I love and what matters to me. Selfishly my blog is as much about giving me somewhere to express my feelings as it is designed to make my readers. Just carry on writing as you and that is niche enough for me. Thanks so much for linking up with #SundayStars. Hugs Lucy xxxx

Anonymous said...

Bloggers often worry about this and I really don't think we need to. Ultimately niches are just labels . Sure, PRs and brands like to be able to pigeon-hole us for targeting purposes, but am I a daddy blogger or a parent blogger or a frustrated writer or a podcaster or a really bad comic? I'm all of these things and more. If people want to put me into a niche, fine, but I don't accept that I am one specific thing, any more than you can define someone's personality by a single trait.

diary of a midlife mummy said...

Aww bless you. I know what you mean, as although I started out mostly as a parent blogger, I think I've kind of morphed into far more of a lifestyle blogger. But like you, I don't really have a niche as such. And although I've read about how its supposed to be better for your blog etc, i just don't think it would work for me, as I choose to write about everything! I think that's why I'm going down the lifestyle route now, it really can encompass many of the things I am most passionate in my life. Maybe you are still just finding your way too. But keep smiling and keep writing you love to write about! Whether it fits in with a niche or not. Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars Steph xxx

Carol Cameleon said...

In my opinion Sarah, even if you want to monetise your blog, you should write about your know, about what you're passionate about. Because otherwise, your readers (and PRs, Brands etc) probably won't warm to you. It's difficult when you're not in a niche. I'm kind of between 3 niches (wellbeing, parenting, writing) but it works for me and that's what counts. Write from your heart and enjoy yourself in the process, I reckon ;) #truthabout

Laura Wilson said...

I feel exactly the same!!!! No niche for me, I feel I'd do better if I was known for something, but then I'm not an expert in anything and I like mixing it up! It's just me, my home, my kids, my makeup, my skincare, my decor, my crazy thoughts, and the odd sponsored post that hopefully fits! I think no niche bloggers are a niche of our own ;) xx