Spring Clean Your Handbags & Purse!

Your house is tidy, dusted, polished, junk removed bed is made. 
You've finished your 'Spring Cleaning'.
Well I'm going to be talking about spring cleaning other areas now, 
places you probably wouldn't think of.
Things that need to be decluttered, cleaned and organised.

Spring Clean Your Bag!
First of all, I wanted to start with your bags, handbags, changing bags, rucksack etc.
Whatever it is that you using on a daily basis, 
and every day is collecting more & more rubbish that you don't need. 
My bag is literally full of rubbish. Haha.

Step One: 
I find the easiest thing to do is to simply tip out the entire contents of your bag! 
(Told you, so much rubbish!)
Dummy, Handheld Reins, Sunglasses, Zipped Pouch, Hairbrush, Inhalers, Gloves, Tissues, Chewing Gum, Lip Balm, Hand Cream, Rubbish!

Step Two: Chuck all the rubbish away. 
I swear the rubbish from my bag is 50% chocolate bar wrappers, 
and 50% post it notes to myself. Haha.

Step Three: Sort out what actually needs to be in your bag.
Aside from the rubbish, I don't need the gloves in my bag any more. It's not that cold. 
I probably don't need two inhalers, the dummy and reins can go in the changing bag. 
I also don't want to just keep my sunglasses in my bag like that, 
that's how they always get broken!

Step Four: Put the necessary items back in your bag in a tidy way.
Use the different pockets in your bag, or buy a bag organiser!
Keep different things in different places, and use zipped pouches to keep small items in.

Spring Clean Your Purse!
Loose change, random business cards, old lottery ticket, phone SD card and spare battery, 
gift cards, loyalty cards, bank cards etc, receipts, other cards. 

Purses are often another place I just store things.
I like to keep old receipts, small random items, and lots of loose change!

Step One: Empty out your purse, every single pocket.
I'm sure you'll find something you didn't know was there!

Step Two: Chuck away rubbish, especially super old receipts!
Do you need that receipt for your dinner 3 weeks ago?
You've already eaten it, so there's no chance you're going to return it!

Step Three: Take away loose change.
I have a small money box where I store all my loose change.
I hate change.
Maybe use a seperate coin purse or store your change in a money box too!

Step Four: Sort your cards
Do you need this card any more?
Has it expired?
Is it a gift card? If so, is there any money left on it?

Step Five: Store small items in a zipped pouch somewhere else in your bag. (see above)

Step Six: Put all good items back in your purse
Do it in an organised way, least used cards at the back, most used cards at the front!

Do you have a super disorganised, 
full of rubbish,
bag & purse?
Will you be using any of these tips?

You could also 'spring clean' other bags, such as changing bags, or even coat pockets! 
(Oh look, more chocolate wrappers!)


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Aby Moore said...

Oh I need to do this! I have so many receipts in my purse I can barely shut it! Great post. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x