10 'Legimate' Reasons For A Toddler Tantrum

My Little Girlie has definitely hit the Terrible Two's now. 
I love her to pieces, but pretty much every day now, 
she has a little tantrum about something or another.

Tantrums strike at any moment, and however ridiculous the reasons may seem to a grown up, 
they are clearly important to the child! 
So here are my Little Girlie's;
10 Legitimate Reasons For A Toddler Tantrum -

1. "I don't want to wear any clothes!"

2. "I don't want to read this
I want to read The Gruffalo every. single. night."

3. "My brother isn't having a drink!"


5. And the classic, 
"I wanted this colour cup! Not this colour!"

6. "Don't clean up my poo!" Hahaha

7. "Daddy isn't on the Xbox!"

8. "I want to watch Peppa!"

9. "I said Sooty! Not Peppa!"

10. "I want my wellies on the wrong feet!"

What crazy things has your toddler had a tantrum about?

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