Disney Songs That Make Me Feel Stuff ♫

I LOVE love love Disney Songs.
Seriously they are just, the best.
Especially the ones from the older, less well known/popular movies
(I don't just love them because they are from less well known movies, and i'm trying to be cool haha).

I do have to say though, considering the amount of times I have watched Frozen, 
I still do not hate that song.
I kinda like it. Don't judge me. Disney has good catchy songs!

Anyway I wanted to make a fun list today of some of my favourite Disney songs, that make me feel different..erm...feelings.
So, let's get down to business (to defeat, the Huns)

Songs that make me Happy
Everybody Wants To Be A Cat - The Aristocats
Aristocats is such a good movie. 
So there's gotta be one of the songs included in this list! 
This is such a good, happy, singalong/dancealong song!

I Wanna Be Like You - The Jungle Book
Jungle Book is such a classic. All the songs are fantastic, but this has to be my favourite. 
I remember when I was younger my dad had a Disney soundtrack CD 
and this was the one he always used to sing (and dance) too. It was hilarious.

Friend Like Me - Aladdin
Classic Robin Williams. 
This song is so brilliant, you just have to sing along!

Songs that make me Sad
When Somebody Loved Me - Toy Story 2
Every single time I watch this movie, this scene tears me up. It's so sad.
Poor little Jessie! I always used to think my toys felt like this if I put them away. :(

Reflection - Mulan
This is such a good song, and just makes the movie.
It's perfect.

Songs that make me feel 
I'll Make A Man Out Of You - Mulan
Ahh now this is such a good song!
It's currently my ringtone, its so good!
Definitely the most empowering song on this list.
It makes you feel you can do anything you put your mind too. 

Why Should I Worry - Oliver & Company
I used to love this movie so much.
No one seems to really know this movie, but it is a good 'un!

Let It Go - Frozen
Sorry but this song had to be on here.
I can hear you frowning at me. Haha.
No matter how overplayed and oversung, I do still like it.

Zero to Hero - Hercules
Hercules used to be one of my favourite Disney movies too!
I love these women, they're so awesome.

Songs that make me HappySad 
(you know, when you cry cause you're happy?)

Part Of Your World - The Little Mermaid
Even singing this song in my head makes me tear up.
It just reminds me of being really little, must have been the first Disney movie I watched.
It just makes me reminisce, and so emotional!

Beauty & The Beast
For the exact same reasons as the song above, this song makes me well up too.
It's such a beautiful song, and Belle is beautiful, and the scenery is beautiful. 
Ahh this song is perfect.

My Ultimate Favourite ♥ ♥ 
One Jump Ahead - Aladdin
I know every word to this song, every voice. 
It's such a good sing-along song.
I remember making a video with my brother and sister when we were younger, 
lip syncing to this song. So funny. I wish I still had that video haha.

What Disney songs make you feel stuff?


Anonymous said...

I have not seen many Disney movies,s o I didn't know most of these songs. They are great though. I love the story behind Frozen (never saw the movie but what it's about). Jungle Book was a favorite story when I was growing up.

Sarah Bear =] said...

The Snow Queen? That is a good story. :)