DIY Burlap Candle Jars

Ahh this is the most easiest DIY in the world I swear.
I really like how they turned out as well. 
They would look perfect in your home, lit during the evening 
or you could even hang them outside in your garden when you have friends over. 
You Will Need:
* Baby Food Jars
* Glue
* Florist's Wire
* Burlap
* Tea Lights

1. Clean your jars thoroughly.
2. Cut the burlap to the correct size, and if like me you want to cut out a shape 
(I cut a heart shape out).
3. Glue the burlap to the jar. 
I find it so much easier to use a hot glue gun, 
but I'm sure other glue would work fine too. (Maybe not Pritt Stick!)
4. Wrap wire a couple of times round the top of the jar. 
Then bend some more into a handle shape, attaching to either side by twisting it.
5. You could also tie a little bit of string around the jar, just to add to the cuteness.

6. Wait for it to dry, and pop in a tealight. :)

What do you think?

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