DIY Shaving Foam Marbling Art

This was like the most fun craft I have done in a long time!
I really wasn't sure it would work, but it did, and I love the results.
If you're a grown up, this craft is still totally awesome for you to try at home, 
but if you have little ones, it'd be perfect to try with them too!
My first try I did with my Little Girlie, but I tried again by myself when she was asleep. It's addictive!

You Will Need:
* Shaving Foam
* A Tray
* Food Colouring
* White Card
* A Ruler

1. First you will need to add quite a bit of shaving foam to your tray.
2. Add some drops of your chosen colours of food colouring. Add a little bit at a time.
3. Gently swirl around the colours in the foam, just a tiny bit. 
You don't want it to get to mixed.
4. Grab your piece of card and press it down lightly into the foam. 
Press it gently, but make sure the card gets covered.
5. Lift out the card, and use the ruler to scrape of the excess foam. 
You may need to use some kitchen roll to wipe off the last few bits.
6. Ta-Da! 
7. Have fun experimenting with colours, amounts, different colour card!

What do you think?
Will you be trying this?
It is so much fun, trust me!

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