Quit Slacking & Make Stuff Happen

Do you ever have one of those *ding* moments, when you're like
"Right, I've gotta get motivated."
So much to do, so much to plan, so much to start, so much to organise.

I am a firm believer in writing lists.
Lists, after lists, after lists.
But sometimes even attempting those lists is hard 
because you know much you've got to do in your head, 
and when you see it written down, you'll really know how much you have got to do, 
and then actually do it.

It can get so overwhelming.
I feel like this right now. 
Like I've got so much to organise;
* Money
* House
* Garden - aftermath of fire
* Wedding
* Career (say what)
* Healthy Eating, Exercise = Fitting into my wedding dress!!

And it feels like each of those points, is going to be a huge long list, 
maybe even pages of lists,
and it's just..aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

But I need to put my favourite quote into practice.

Stop worrying about how much you've got to do.
Get your act together, and write down how much you have actually got to do.
Write down when you are going to do it.
Tick things off the lists.


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