Why I Don't Miss Being Pregnant (Guest Post)

Today I've got a special guest post for you, from Claire over at 
Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist.
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Why I Don't Miss Being Pregnant

Sarah wrote a very good blog post for me this week about why she misses pregnancy 
and it inspired me to write the very opposite.

Yes some parts were nice, like the little kicks and the feeling of being close to your baby,
 but there were quite a few bits that were annoying, 
painful and at times just plain disgusting. 
My very first blog was actually all about pregnancy in it's honest, detailed form 
because I wanted other women to know all the bits of pregnancy 
that are never publicised. 

Nausea and Sickness
Self explanatory really. 
I hate puking, especially when you cannot predict when it will be 
(whose stupid idea was it to name it morning sickness? It happens all fricking day!). 
But worse than actually being sick for me was 
how I felt like I was going to be sick all day, every day.

If it was just the puking I would have been fine, 
but feeling nauseous all day and night really got to me.

It put me off good food like fruit and veg and it got to the stage 
where all I could eat was stodge like sausage rolls and burgers. 
So you can imagine how huge I was by the end!

Sensitive Skin
Through one of the stages I remember it actually hurt to shave my legs. 
As in NEEDLES THROUGH MY SKIN hurt. It was so bizarre! 
Then once my skin got better, I was too fat to even be able to bend over 
to shave my legs. I was one sexy mama I can tell you.

Oh yes, the dreaded hormones. 
They gave me teenager-style greasy spots and a teenage-style sulky mood 
to go with them. One minute I would be fine and the next,
I would be screaming at my ex all because he was breathing in my direction.

The first trimester all I did was feel sick, puke and want to sleep. 
I would come home from work, sit on the sofa at 7pm 
and the next thing I knew I would wake up at 10pm and head to bed. 
That was every single night. 

Then as the baby got bigger the exhaustion increased as those babies 
literally suck the life and energy out of your body in order to grow theirs. 

And by the final trimester I was too uncomfortable and huge 
to even be able to get to sleep.

People Touching Me
Just because I had a baby in my stomach did not mean 
I wanted the world and its wife to touch me. 
Why is it when you are pregnant suddenly all social norms 
go out of the window and people think they can just rub and prod you 
whenever they feel like it?

Giving Birth
By far the worst, possibly because I had back to back labour, 
was 1cm for 25 hours and had two failed epidurals. 
But even aside from my experience, giving birth hurts for most women, 
although I did recently hear about the woman who kept 
having orgasms during her labour to which I am so very jealous...

What were your worst bits about pregnancy? 

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