I wanted to write today about my phobia, and why it scares me.
I don't know how common or uncommon this particular phobia it is, but it's a very real, and terrifying fear.
I can't see myself getting over this fear anytime soon!
If you haven't already Googled it, Ornithophobia is the fear of birds.
Oh no, even writing that is making me feel a bit tense!

Yes I am terrified of birds. Not all birds, I'm not scared of small birds like robins, blue tits, those sort of birds. 
I'm also not scared of what I call friendly birds. Haha. 
The ones who just seem nice, and don't scare me. These include owls & penguins. 

There are 3 specific occasions I remember which have inflicted this phobia onto me.
It all started when I was little, my family and I were on holiday, and we stopped somewhere near a lake. 
A lake surrounded by geese. Not the friendlier geese, like Canadian geese, but these guys;
I'm pretty sure I wasn't scared of birds before now, 
so this day would be the day that started my fear of birds.

Anyway, I don't really remember much of what happened, apart from the fact that we all got out of the car, 
and my granddad decided it would be so funny to chase the geese, towards me.
I'm sure you know what geese are like when they're angry. (There's a reason you can get guard geese, like guard dogs, but geese!) 

I just remember screaming, running back to the car, safely away from the running, honking, hissing geese!!

The second occasion was when I was a bit older.
My neighbours across the road had some chickens in their back garden.
One morning, I was still asleep in bed, when I heard this noise in my bedroom.
I half opened my eyes, to see this crazy psycho chicken running circles in my bedroom!

As my bird phobia had already began, you can imagine how scary this was.
The chicken was blocking my exit, and was running around, making this horrible noise and I couldn't escape.

If you are scared of birds too, you know how petrifying it is when a chicken runs towards you.
Seriously like a little dinosaur.

The third incident happened when I was a bit older, maybe 10 years ago.
I went out with my family for the day, to a zoo I think.

There was an avairy, which you had to walk through to continue going round the park.
I didn't really have a choice. Well I thought, hey, it'd be ok.
Just look down, walk fast, all the birds will be in cages anyway.
As I began walking through the aviary, I found out the birds were not in cages.
It was a sort of massive greenhouse, where all the birds were free to fly around, land on you.
They were everywhere. I couldn't go back through the entrance, 
so I had to just keep calm and keep walking fast until I was free. It was so nerve wracking.

So there we are. My phobia.

Do you have any strange phobias?
Or do we share the same phobia? If so, I would love to hear from you!

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