TV Shows I Need To Catch Up On

Sometimes I feel like I'm so behind with the times.
I am not funky. Is it hip to be square?
Hahaha. Sorry, I don't know what happened there.

Today I wanted to compile a list of TV shows I need to catch up on!
Some of them I have actually watched, some of them I just feel like I need or should watch.
Sadly though, there is no Game of Thrones, Vikings, Gossip Girl.
I'm afraid none of them will ever be on the list. :P

Once Upon A Time
I actually started watching this when it was first on TV (Channel 5 or something?).
I really enjoyed it, as I am such a big fan of Fairy Tales, especially dark ones. 
But I only ended up watching the first series.
Seriously though, when I was searching Google earlier, 
I found out there have been SO many characters in it from Disney & Fairy tales that I never knew! 
The Wicked Witch! 
HADES!! Ahhhhhhhhh.
Hades is favourite. I need to watch this right now.

Better Call Saul
Although this is nowhere near as popular as OUAT, I really feel like I need to watch it.
Breaking Bad is one of my favourite TV shows of all time, and I love the characters of Saul & Mike. 
Even if this program isn't really that great, I still feel like I need to watch it. Is it still on Netflix anyone?

Orange Is The New Black
Now I don't know much about this show at all. 
All I know is that it's about a white girl, who gets sent to prison. 
People like to quote this programme a lot, and apparently 'I have to watch it'. 
Well I do always end up watching a couple of episodes of TV programmes when 
they get recommended to me (even GOT, I hated it!) so I definitely feel I need to give this one a chance to.
If anyone's watched it, and loved it, tell me more about it please!

Girls is literally one of my favourite programmes. 
It's like Sex & The City, but more realistic, and for younger generations. 
I've watched quite a few series, but I do need to catch up again.

Jessica Jones
I do actually quite like superhero shows, and movies. I'm not saying I'm obsessed, but I do enjoy them now and then. 
When I found out there was going to be a superhero TV show starring Krysten Ritter, that was it. I had to watch it. 
It also stars David Tennant, who I think, plays such a good bad guy!

I've only watched glimpse of this programme, so I'm not entirely sure what's going on to be honest.
I remember seeing it when it was first on TV, years ago. 
It's about a cult graphic novel called the Utopia Experiments, 
which supposedly predicted the worst disasters of the last century.
It's a drama, thriller and sounds totally weird. My kind of programme.

Have you watched any of these?
Can you tell me more?!

What TV shows do you need to catch up on?

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