Car vs Cat

This week has been a sad one for us.
On Wednesday night, our kitten was hit by a car.
He wasn't killed, but hurt really bad. 
I remember at about 5pm, it was the cat's dinner time, 
but the kitten was no where to be found.
I had the worst feeling in my stomach that the kitten had been hit by a car.
I am one of those people who worries a lot, who always seems to think the worst.
But this time, my gut instinct was actually true.
It was awful.
I saw him at about 9pm, he was at the top of the garden.
I didn't really think anything of it, as he often sits up there to relax.
I went upstairs, and got that gut feeling again, like something was wrong.

The Boyfriend went outside to check on the kitten, only to see him dragging 
himself across the lawn towards the back door, making an awful sound.

We later discovered that the kitten has broken his leg & pelvis, from being hit by a car. :(

Another part that makes me truely upset is the fact that our back garden is surrounded by a high wall and high fences. 
Which means that the kitten must have somehow dragged himself from the road, over the high wall, with badly broken bones. 
It's so upsetting.

After x-rays & painkillers, and discovering the damage of the injuries, the conclusion was that we can not longer take care of him. He's too poorly, and we have two little ones. 
It is just not a good combination.

Amazingly though, a charity have taken him in who will take good care of him.
It does make me feel better, but its still awful.
That poor little guy :(

The kitten is literally the same age as my little boy, they grew up together.
The little ones loved kitten, and played together very often.
Our little girlie keeps asking when he is coming back from 'Kitty Hospital', it's so sad.

Sorry, I just needed to get this off my chest today. 

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