iBeani Review

The iBeani is a bean bag for your tablet or phone!
When you're watching something, or typing or whatever, you get fed up of holding your tablet upright.
It's a comfy bean bag, specially made for your devices, to allow you to prop it up by itself, 
so you can sit, stand or slump and relax. 
iBeani's are made from quality materials, right here in the UK.
I use my tablet to watch tv shows pretty much everyday. I like to multi-task so I'm often on my laptop, and watching my tablet at the same time. So that's why the iBeani came at the perfect time. It's really stable so you can use it on many surfaces; counters, sofa's, your bed, your lap. It's like squishing down in a beanbag, you can adjust it until you find the perfect position. So you can see your screen clearly, whether you are lying down, slouching or sitting up straight. I haven't tried it, but I am sure it'll be perfect to try out while travelling! In the car, on a bus or even a train. You could just prop it up on a table or your lap.
The days of squashing a cushion or an item of clothing (just me?) into just the right shape are over.
The iBeani is here, and it's brilliant!
It does sound like an simple idea, but it's a perfect one.
A mini beanbag for your device. So you're both comfy!
There are so many designs to choose from too, from check, polka dots, stripes and even leopard print!
I went with Floral Red, and I love it!

Honestly, I have used my iBeani every single day since I received it.
I don't know how I coped without it.
I really want to buy more for my friends and family!
You can use the code thanks10 to get 10% off and iBeani today!
This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
received my own iBeani product to review. All opinions are my own.

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