July Goals

June has just flown by hasn't it?
It's been a pretty sucky month for me to be honest,
(apart from the fact that my gorgeous little guy turned one).

I think it's the weather. Haha.
Me & my mum have this funny thing, 
where we seem to blame everything on the weather.
Oh you've got a headache, must be the weather.
Oh you're grumpy, must be the weather.
Oh, you forgot to buy milk, must be the weather haha.

But no seriously, it's supposed to be SUMMER, 
and here we've had far more rain & thunderstorms than sunshine. 

Moving on..I've decided to share my July goals today!
Determined to make this month more 
exciting, fun filled, organised & busy!

Stop wasting evenings
I honestly do waste my evenings.
Sometimes I just slump and watch a TV show, 
other times I just flick through YouTube.
What is the point? Do something more productive woman!

Blog with more love 
I don't like feeling like I'm just writing for the sake of writing. I've fallen a bit (just a bit) 
out of love with blogging. I've lost my mojo, and my inspiration.

I'm trying to eat a bit better, but I really need to exercise a bit more. 
I do quite a bit of walking, but I don't really think that counts! 

Increase social media following
I've been trying really hard to make my social media channels a bit better. 
Posting more, making them a tad more interesting. 
I've mainly been focusing on my Facebook this past month though, 
and my other channels have been neglected
I need to find a good balance!

Finish 90% wedding planning
By the end of July, my wedding will be less than a month away! Ahhhh!

Take part in twitter chats again
Like I said I've been neglecting my social media challenges, 
but I recently took part in another twitter chat and forgot how much I enjoy them!

Declutter Bedroom
I've got so much junk in my room, in drawers, cupboards.
Old make up, clothes that don't fit.
I need to have a massive clear out, junk needs to go!

Organise Bathroom
We've recently had our bathroom completely renovated, 
and I need to organise all our stuff & find places to put it.
So many bath products that I just don't need!

Summer Crafts!
I love doing seasonal crafts and I haven't done any summer inspired diys yet! 
This needs to change.

Explore a new place
It's time for an adventure! I want to visit a new place.
Explore somewhere new.

Visit a Waterfall
This is on my summer to do list.
I absolutely love waterfalls, 
and I haven't seen one in a long time.

Read A Book
I honestly haven't read a book for months.
I'm very picky when it comes to books, and it takes a lot of effort for me 
to find one I love. I don't think I've read anything since February! 
I've got a book on my bedside table that I've been meaning to read, 
so I have no excuse!

Do you have any goals for July?

Hope you have an amazing month!

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