One Of THOSE Days

Today was one of those days.
The days when you get woken up before you've even properly gone to sleep.
Woken up by a teething baby and a coughing toddler who decide to jump on your bed and have a fight on top of you.
The days when you don't have any energy and you've got constant frown face.
It's so dark outside and pouring down with rain, it feels like it's the end of the day, but no, it's just beginning.
Boyfriend is Ill so equally as grouchy as the two tired little ones.
Therefore this makes you grouchy too. So you all sit there in a grump.
The days when the little ones are tired but refuse to sleep.
You have to venture outside so you wear a huge waterproof coat that makes you sweat because, don't forget, it's actually SUMMER.
Walking to the shop with two babies.
One screaming so loud people stare.
One crying because they are still tired.
The rain cover rips off the pushchair and flies away.
At the shop, other customers glance at you as your children scream.
People push past you in the queue.
Everyone is fed up.
On the way home, the pushchairs tyres pop.
You can't push the pushchair at all with a flat tyre, so you have to take the tyre off and just push it without a tyre, just a wheel. 
While your little one is sat in the pushchair, bumping all over the place.
At the same time you trying to prevent the pushchair from tipping over.
You go back home to stuff your face with chocolate, then remember you are on a diet.
Just counting down the hours, minutes, so you can crawl in to bed and feel sorry for yourself.

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