Spice Up Your Life

You must have heard by now that is has been 20 WHOLE YEARS 
since the Spice Girls appeared with their first single Wannabe!
I can't honestly believe its been that long, that means I was only 5! 
As a girl growing up in the 90's, it meant that I grew up with the Spice Girls.
Knowing all the words to their songs, the dance moves.

Collecting the memorobilia! 
I remember I had got a Spice Girls Filofax for my birthday one year, and I loved it so much!
I wouldn't even let my friends touch it! Haha.

Also, the Spice Girls Barbies!
I only had the Sporty Spice one, and she was my favourite.
My cousins used to make fun of me because of this, and always said she was the ugliest doll! >:(

Who could forget SPICE WORLD?!
The movie itself was amazing..at the time!
Watching it since, it is the cheesiest movie in the universe, but that's what makes it amazing.
The storyline was hilarious, and the tour bus! Oh my gosh! Who was jealous?
Also the fact that the movie, when it came out on VHS, there were different covers to choose from.
The classic Spice World case, or cases with the individual Spice Girls on it!
I remember going in to Tesco when the film was released, 
desperately searching for one with Sporty Spice on!

Even though they weren't the most amazing singers, 
(not saying they can't sing though, most of them), 
they appeared when there weren't really any powerful, 
inspirational female singers around!
We all know how much that has changed now. 

The Spice Girls were inspirational, motivational, fun & catchy.
They will always remind me of my childhood, and always have a special place in my heart.

Saying that, there are also rumours of a comeback, 
but sadly without Sporty Spice or Posh Spice.
In my honest opinion, I don't think they should make a comeback.
I don't want them in this generation, where the music is completely different.
Where they will bring out new songs, which sound completely different to the classics, 
as to try to fit in.

I like them the way they were.
The way we all remember.

Spice Girls. You were awesome.

Now why not pop on STOP and dance along, I know you know the moves. ;)

Who was your favourite Spice Girl?

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