Book of the Month - A Squash and A Squeeze

I am starting a new series! (yes another one) 

Where my little ones & I focus on one book each month, read it, watch it (if possible) and do fun activities based on it. 
I thought it would be a really interesting idea!
So without further ado, August's Book of the Month is;
It's a lovely story, by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.
It's tells the story of a 'Little Old Lady' who feels like her house is too small for her.
She asks a 'Wise Old Man' for advice, and he suggests she takes her various farm animals into her house with her. 
She realises it's far too cramped with all the animals in her house too, so she takes them all out, and realises her house feels huge! 
It's got a great moral to the story, the rhyming & the illustrations are just perfect. 
A firm favourite in this house.

For our first activity, my little girlie and I decided to recreate the story.
We made a little house out of a cardboard box and decorated it.

We then found some of her little people & animals to play the variety of characters.
A Little Old Lady, A Wise Old Man, A Cow, A Pig, A Goat & A Hen!

We made the characters act out the book;
"The Little Old Lady lived all by herself.."
So we put the little old lady in her house.

"Wise Old Man, won't you help me please?.."
So the wise old man told the little old lady what she should do next.

"Take in your Hen..Goat..Pig..Cow"
So we tried to squeeze each animal in turn, into the little old ladies house!

It was a Squash and a Squeeze!!

My Little Girlie & I really enjoyed this activity, it was so simple but she thought it was so funny!

For our second activity, I drew some of the characters onto some cards to make a simple matching game!
Once again, so simple but tons of fun, activity!

Have you & your child ever read 
A Squash & A Squeeze?

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