Breastfeeding In Public

I'm going to be talking about breastfeeding.
If this makes you uncomfortable, don't read it.
If you don't agree with breastfeeding in public, don't read it.

I've got quite a bit to get off my *urrm* chest.
(Halfway through writing this post, I decided to make this into more than one post. 
I've got too much too say.)

I saw this news article today about a woman who was breastfeeding her baby in a public park.
This other lady came over and told the breastfeeding mama to move, because it was distracting her husband and child. WTF. I mean first of all, what a cheek to come over and say that, let alone telling her to leave.
I would have been so furious. 
Second of all, if it's supposedly 'distracting' her husband then that is entirely their problem not hers. It's not like she was waving them around! Maybe she needs to reassess her relationship if she thinks that her husband is going to be oggling every mother trying to feed her child. Or maybe the husband should stop staring, and sexualising the simple act of feeding a baby.
THIRDLY, how could it possibly be distracting their child. That is the complete opposite of how breastfeeding should be viewed, it's no wonder why people become uncomfortable around it nowadays! If the child was looking, so be it. They were probably just wondering what was going on, that's what children do. But by telling the child off for looking, or telling the bf mother off for doing it, is already setting that child up for failure. Lack of knowledge about breastfeeding, 
already putting it into their mind that babies shouldn't be breastfed in public. 
Now I'm not sure if this child was a boy or a girl, but it doesn't matter either way.
That is what the mother is forcing the child to believe, that you must hide away.

Ohhh it made me so angry. 

(Oh I forgot to mention the main 'headline' of the article. The BF mother responded to this rude woman, by swearing at her, and squirting milk at her! I feel that isn't really the best way to respond to this, but to be honest..more power to her. Tad gross, but i'm sure the other woman ran in the opposite direction! Result.)

Then I moved onto the comment section of the article.
That just infuriated me even more. 
"It makes people uncomfortable to see that in public"
"If your child needs feeding, go find the public toilets or something"
"Just because you are 'allowed' to breast feed in public, doesn't mean you should!"

I mean seriously. Do I really have to explain why this annoyed me so much.
It makes people uncomfortable.
Oh I'm sorry if my baby needing to be fed is bothering you. Would you rather I let her scream in your ear?
Go find the public toilets.
I could. Or I could make you eat your sandwich off of them. 
WHY should babies have to eat in a toilet cubicle. 
So disgusting, and so selfish.
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!
Just because you have an opinion, doesn't give you any right to express it in such a rude way, 
to a poor mum who is just simply taking care of her child.

Right. Some things I want to say.
Ok, I do get it that breastfeeding can make people uncomfortable.
I imagine it's sort of like, where do I look?
Maybe just don't look. Don't make it a big deal, and it won't be one.
The more people who start to view breastfeeding in public as a normal, everyday thing.
The more normal it will become, soon enough, you won't even take notice.

I don't see why ANYONE has the right to tell a breastfeeding mum, where or when they can feed their child.
Do other people tell you when or where to eat?
Would you rather I let my baby starve or scream the building down?

I've got so much more to say on this issue, but I just needed to share this article, and my opinion.
I have breastfed in public before, and I have received a few double takes before.
But never ever have I seen someone frown, or tell me off.
If someone ever spoke to me like they did to that poor mum, I don't know what I would do!

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