More TV Shows I Need To Catch Up On!

I honestly can't believe there are more of these!
I've previously wrote a massive list of tv shows I wanted to watch, and so far I've only watched one!
That one being Once Upon A Time! 
(I have a lot to say about that!)
Anyway, I partly like writing these lists to remind myself, and also to get ideas for others, 
and comments about the ones I have suggested. :)

Scream Queens
I know it wasn't really that popular at the time, but it really sounds like my kind of show.
Black comedy, slight horror, mystery, murder. Perfect.
Also the fact that Emma Roberts is in it.
I actually love Emma Roberts (not just because she is related to Julia Roberts).
She has done some really bad cheesy movies in the past, but over the past few years she seems to have really upped her game 
and I'm excited to see her in something completely different!
Also Abigail Breslin is awesome.

American Horror Story
I know, I know.
If I love my horror, why haven't I watched this yet?!
Truth is, I'm scared!
I can watch scary movies, because I never watch them alone.
Whereas tv shows I watch in the comfort of my bed, alone. 
Also, since having my little ones, I am a lot more of a scaredy cat than I used to be!
But after watching the teaser trailers for the newest season, I feel like I need to catch up.

Wayward Pines
I have only heard good things about this show!
The perfect sci-fi mystery thriller tv show, and I am a big fan of the cast again.
Matt Dillon (totally underated actor in my opinion), Juliette Lewis & Terrence Howard!
I've watched the trailer, and I am honestly so excited!

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland
I know this is only a spin off, so there's not a lot to catch up on, but I still have to watch it.
Michael Socha is one of my favourite actors at the moment anyway. Which is a good enough reason to watch it. 
But looking at the voice casting, I am SO excited. Iggy Pop for goodness sake. AMAZING.

Have you watched any of these? What did you think?
Do you have any more recommendations?

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