The 'Alice 1951' Tag

I love the original Alice in Wonderland Disney movie. 
That's not saying I didn't like the newer version, 
I did like it. But the original is still the best in my eyes.
I was tagged by the awesome Danielle, to take part in her Alice 1951 Tag!
You can read her post here.
I do love tag posts, especially Disney ones! 
Who in Wonderland would you choose to be your best friend?
I definitely, without a doubt, pick The Mad Hatter!
I feel like the other characters are quite rude, or irritating.
For example, not getting to the point during a conversation!
I think The Mad Hatter would actually be a great friend, and a lot of fun!
Not to mention, tea parties everyday? Yes Please!

Would you rather be humongous or teeny tiny?
I think I'd pick teeny tiny. It might be more dangerous than being huge though!
But you could do some much more, and have so many more adventures!

What would your personal Wonderland look like?
Flowers everywhere. Rivers flowing, fruit growing on trees. 
Quiet and peaceful. Sunshine & rainbows. 

If you could take one possession with you to Wonderland, what would you take?
There is honestly nothing I couldn't live without. 
I guess..a notepad and pen?
There is nothing I need :)

Similarly, if you could take someone with you to explore, who would you take?
I'd take my little ones! If my Wonderland was the way I picture it, 
it'd be perfect for them.
An amazing place to share adventures.

Would you most enjoy: Sailing in a glass bottle, or falling down a rabbit hole?
When I first read this question I though, definitely sailing in a bottle! But then I started to think, the bottle would be clear, 
you could see (or not see!) what is beneath you, and the thought of that terrifies me!
So I pick falling down a rabbit hole, I imagine it'd be in slow motion anyway, so it wouldn't make my stomach drop!

Minus the Red Queen, who would you least like to bump into?
The Cheshire Cat! I think he would drive me insane. Constantly telling you different things, appearing out of nowhere, 
not helping you at all! He would so annoy me.

In the garden, which type of flower do you think you would be?
Tulips. I absolutely love Tulips. They are quite common, but they smell amazing 
and look so pretty.
(I'm not saying I smell amazing, or look so pretty. But I love Tulips! Haha!)

Which of these locations would you like to call home: The Dormouse's Teapot, The Cheshire Cat's Tree, 
The Red Queen's Castle, The Caterpillar's Mushroom.
I actually love the Caterpillar! I think I'd pick the tree though, 
would I be able to make a tree house??

What would you do if you had to stay in Wonderland for 5 years at a time 
or could never visit again?
I think I would pick 5 years at a time. What if it was the most amazing place in the world, and I could never see it again? 
Memories of it will fade, and you'll never be able to explore it again!
Besides, what if time moved differently in Wonderland?
What if 5 years there, was really only 5 days here??

I really liked this tag! Thank you so much Danielle for creating it and tagging me!
If you love Disney & Tags as much as me, I suggest you give this one a go! :)

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