DIY Autumn Cushions

 As you may have guessed by now, I freaking love Autumn. Another thing I love is decorating my home for the seasons & occasions! I am starting to create some Autumnal items for my home, and I really wanted some new cushions, the only problem is, I can't sew! Honestly, I can't even use a sewing machine!
I had seen people making there own cushions use a hot glue gun, so I thought why not, and it worked perfectly. So here we are..

For these cute no sew cushions
You Will Need:
* White material (I used a white pillowcase)
* Green felt
* Burlap/Hessian
* Fabric Markers
* Glue Gun
* Scissors
* Stuffing

1. I started with the burlap cushion, cutting it into the correct size.

2. I then folded it together, to see what it would look like, and glued THREE of the edges together. 
Make sure you glue on the side you want to be on the inside, if it looks any different. Leave to dry.
3. Flipping the cover the right way round, as opposed to inside out, I drew my design lightly with chalk.
4. I popped a large piece of card inside the pillow, so the pen wouldn't go through to the back.
 5.I then went over my design with fabric markers, I wrote 'Cozy' using a black marker & I drew some pale gold hearts too.
6. I stuffed the cushion with pillow stuffing, and glued up the final side.

For the second leaf pillow, I used exactly the same technique as above steps 1-4, apart from this time I cut out a leaf from green felt. Before I stuffed the pillow and glued up the final side, I hot glued the leaf to the front of the cushion. 
Then once that is dry you can stuff & glue!

What do you think?
Will you be decorating your home for Autumn?

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