Driving in the Countryside - Somerset

I absolutely love living in the countryside.
I have never wanted to live in a big city.
I love to be surrounded by nature, animals, the great outdoors.

Somerset is just like that.
Home to national parks, gorges, caves.
Animals everywhere, and such beautiful scenery.
It's such a welcoming, peaceful, amazing place to live.
Saying that though, Somerset is full of thin, windy, country roads.
Country roads are often very narrow, have sharp twists and bends.

Often, people who don't live in a countryside, aren't used to these types of roads and drive far faster than they should. 
It's important to stay safe on country roads and stick to the speed limit.
Remember, the speed limit is the maximum.

Here are a few of my tips, to help ensure you stay safe on country roads;

Watch out for obstructions
Seeing as you are in the countryside, I can safely say you will be driving past plenty of shrubs, hedges and trees. 
Keep a look out, as some may have overgrown and be obstructing the road.

Stick to the speed limit
The speed limit is not a goal to aim towards, use your initiative. 
It's not always safe to drive as fast as the speed limit, due to the roads, traffic, weather conditions etc.

Be wary of sharp turns and hidden bends
Give yourself plenty of time to slow down before you reach the bend.

Check your car before you drive
Check your car tyres, make sure you are using the correct ones and keep them maintained regularly. 
Car tyres get worn, it's important to keep them in good condition.
If you are in Somerset, Point S is a great place for getting tyres replaced or buying new tyres. Check your brakes, garages often do free brake checks. Check your oil, top up with petrol! Don't forget to make sure your MOT expiry date too.

Don't take your experience for granted
If you have driven down a particular road more than you can remember, you may think you know it like the back of your hand. 
Never take this for granted, as you never know what condition the road may be in. 

Be Careful.
Stay Safe On Country Roads.

*This is a collaborative post*

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