Too Young For Nursery?

After Little Girlie's second day back at nursery, after the summer holidays I started thinking.
Did I send her to Nursery too early?
Nurseries tend to cater for all ages from say 6 months to 5 years, 
and when she started there were literally 2 or 3 six month old's. 
Now I'm not judging anyone at all here, but honestly I couldn't do it. 
Being apart from my babies when they were so little.
But my Little Girlie didn't actually start nursery until she was 2!
Parents start their children at nursery from a very young age nowadays, it's quite common.
Their maternity/paternity leave ends, and they've got to get back to work.
Or maybe they need to find a new job, or any number of reasons.

I couldn't imagine leaving my babies all day though, I spend every waking hour with them, and I like it that way. 
That was until Little Girlie started going to nursery shortly after her second birthday.
I knew it would be good for her, and I could tell she was getting bored just doing normal day to day things, 
spending so much time at home. 
Especially as before she started, her brother was only a few months old, 
so I was pretty busy and didn't have a lot of time to spend one on one with her.

Don't get me wrong, she loves nursery. 
She never wants to leave and we always spend a good ten minutes when I arrive, playing with the toys, 
her showing me around and talking to the staff.
She has a brilliant time and is always in the best mood when she comes home.

But it's a completely different story when I drop her off.
Before we even arrive she starts worrying, refusing to go, sits down on the pavement and doesn't want to walk. 
This often resorts to me pushing the pushchair with one hand, carrying her bags and her, in the other.
When we arrive, she says hello to everyone, as happy as can be.
But when I have to leave it all kicks off.
She screams and cries at the top of her lungs, the staff are used to it by now. 
They say she just does it because she knows it affects me. It does, for the first month or so, as soon as I'd left the nursery, 
I'd burst into tears too. 
It was heartbreaking. Earlier this week she screamed "Don't leave me Mummy!".
Worst feeling in the world.

As soon as I'm gone, well more often than not, when she thinks I've gone, she just stops crying, instantly.
She just does it for a few seconds, just to get my attention. It makes me feel so guilty.
I feel like that's why she does it. 
She's 100% perfectly happy when I've gone, the staff even used to ring me when I was outside the gate to tell me she was fine. 
But it hurts.

I've heard that the younger you start your little ones at nursery, the easier it is for them to adapt, they settle in quicker. 
So 2 can't be too early. Maybe it was too late?! Who knows.

I just hope someday soon she'll be excited about going.
She won't put up a fuss, or cry.

Have any of you experienced this?

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