What The Toddler Said #1

Ever since my Little Girlie started talking properly, I've been jotting down the hilarious things she comes out with. 
She copies a lot of stuff from books, other people and tv shows so you never know what she's going to say! 
I wanted to share some of the funny things she has said recently!

(On the way home from Nursery) 
Me: "What did you do today?" 
Little Girlie: (blabbering to herself) "Chocolate piggy! YUK YUK YUK!"

"Mummy, we've got to go to the op-cushions. I need glasses!"

"If you fall in the duck pond, I'll clean you up. If I fall in the duck pond, you clean me up.
But if Daddy or my brother falls in the duck pond, we'll both clean them up!"

(After Daddy left the bathroom)
"Daddy all done toilet yeah? Good boy Daddy!"

(Hitting her Daddy with a toy mop)

"I'm not gorgeous, I'm me!"

"I'm not a baby, I'm me!"

(In a shop, looking at mannequins)
"Oh Dear, where hand?" (It's hand had broken off)
(Spotting headless mannequins)
"OH NO! Where Heady!?"

(Jumping in muddy puddles)
My Sister: "Come on Peppa Pig, you don't have to jump in all the muddy puddles."
Little Girlie, angrily: "I'M NOT PEPPA PIG! IT'S ME! NOT PEPPA!"

(Talking to her brother, all the time)
"Come on boy!"
"Are you ok, boy?"
"Wake up, boy!"

(After watching Charlie & Lola)
"My best friend is called Marv. Not Charlie, Not Lola. My best friend, is Marv!"

So clearly one thing you can take from this post is, she really doesn't like to be called anything but her own name. Haha.

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