Why I Started Blogging

Truth is, I honestly don't know when I started this blog, when I officially started. At a complete guess, I'd say 2010/2011. That's six years ago!! My two cousins and I all started a blog each, around the same sort of time (I'm not sure who decided it was a good idea first!) but we all jumped on the bandwagon.
Then 'Hedgehog Corner' was born! Oh my gosh. Cheesiest name ever, even more cheesy than this one!
We used to share the same sort of things, crafts, daily life & days out. 
The funny thing was, we generally went on days out together, and took photos together, so when we got home it was a race to who wrote a blog post about it first!
Shortly after I also started a movie blog, it was pretty awful, but it clearly showed my obsession with movies! After a while I decided to ditch that movie one, and rebrand my original blog.
Hedgehog Corner became Whimsical Mumblings.
Now people do occasionally make fun of the name, or spell it wrong, or wonder what on earth I was thinking. But I actually like it. It's not like any other blog name I have come across.

Over the next 5 years or so, I blogged on & off. About random days out, daily life, what ever. It was a bit dull, and didn't really excite me (let alone anyone else who stumbled upon it)!
I took lots of breaks off of blogging. I called it breaks, but I really just gave up on it for months at a time.
I started blogging a bit more frequently when my Little Girlie was born, but gave up once again.
Then when I had my Little Guy, I decided..Now or Never.
Work Hard or Give Up.

I established what I wanted to do, what I wanted to get out of my blog, and what I wanted to write about.
The kind of blogger I wanted to be.

So this here, my little piece of the internet.
Started off as a way to document random days out, share photographs became a whole new thing entirely.
It still contains days out now and then, but with so much more.
Lifestyle, Crafts, Mummy Life, Parenting, Movies. Everything I love.

It may not be as established as the 10000's of other blogs out there, as pretty, as well written or popular.
But I love it here.

So anyone who's been here from the beginning, thank you so much.
Anyone who reads it now, thank you, I really appreciate it.

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