Decorating for Autumn

I love switching up my decor, for seasons, for occasions. Any excuse I guess! Another thing I love is creating items for the new season/occasion! Whether it be Valentines Day, Easter, Winter or whenever, it's always fun to switch it up. I'm lucky because The Husband (like me) loves to rearrange rooms every now & then, so our main room never looks the same for too long! I have put together a few ideas for revamping your home for this amazing season.

Decorate with candles, many many candles.
Not just because it's Halloween, but Autumn is the perfect time for lighting a scented candle or two. It's getting colder, so having warm candles is the best, not to mention the amazing Autumn scents you can get! I actually made my own candles this year!

Switch up your bed & your sofa's!
Adding more comfy, soft cushions, in more neutral tones. Warm, cozy blankets you want to wrap yourself up in! Don't forget your bed too! Add more cushions, a snuggly blanket, and switch up your duvet cover too!

Add some Nature themed wall decor.
A beautiful Autumn print, a fancy art piece even? I created this cute canvas print that says 'Hello Autumn'. I went on a nature walk with the little ones and we collected some pretty leaves. They created nature collages, while I rearranged some leaves onto a piece of paper, and lightly glued them on. I then photocopied this picture and glued it onto a canvas. Adding the words Hello Autumn using my trusty paint markers!

Don't forget to dress up the table!
If you have a large enough table, you could go wild decorating with seasonal items, such as pumpkins, pine cones, leaves & berries! I sadly have a very little table, so I just put together a bowl of Autumn pot pourri & added a trusty candle.

Create a window display
Decorating with Autumn leaves always looks so beautiful! I love the look of it. I wanted to do something a bit different, and a bit more minimal. I created a simple Glitter Pine cone Garland, by painting some pine cones with sparkly gold paint! I then tied thread around each pine cone, and hung them on some twine. 

I love the simple, yet effective look! To be perfectly honest anyway, I am totally going to be adding some Halloween decorations to the window very soon!

Arrange some seasonal flowers
Dark reds, oranges, browns & yellows. You can create some beautiful bouquets from Autumn flowers.

What do you think of these ideas?
Will you be decorating for Autumn?


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