Film Fan Friday Series

I realised I haven't really written any posts about movies for a good while now, so I wanted to write some again. I came up with the idea of creating a series, asking fellow bloggers a few questions about their taste in movies!

So I'm starting a new series as of today, called Film Fan Friday!
I kinda sorta wanted to answer the questions myself, so I am today!
Next week will be another blogger giving their own answers! :)

What are your top three favourite films of all time?
I'm not sure how many times I have previously answered this! Haha. But my answers still remain the same! The Breakfast Club, Pulp Fiction & 10 Things I Hate About You!

What is your favourite movie genre?
Rom Com's are totally my guilty pleasure. I love them, no matter how cheesy they are. But I generally love most genre's! Apart from Sci Fi, not the biggest fan. :/

Do you remember the first 'grown up' film you watched?
I'm pretty sure it was Titanic! I sort of half watched it when I was really little. I fell asleep on the sofa when my parents were watching it.

Have any movies ever made you cry?
TONS! The Notebook definitely made me cry the first few times.A sort of sweet but sad cry. I cry quite a lot at happy endings too! I cried after watching Paranormal Activity the first time, I was so scared! Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World made me sad cry too. Up did too! Ohh I just cry at everything!

What is the scariest film you have ever seen?
Paranormal Activity terrified me the first time. As did The Shining. But one film that will always scare me is The Grudge.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Can't be dealing with that.

If there was a film based on your life, who would play you?
I'd like to say someone classic & beautiful, like Penelope Cruz. I wish I looked like her. Wait! Thinking about it, I'd love it to be Krysten Ritter. I've loved her acting for years, and she's beautiful!

What would be the opening song on the soundtrack, to the movie about you?
Dogs Days - Florence & The Machine. Best. Song. Ever.

Harry Potter or Disney? 
I do love Harry Potter, but I'm going to have to go with Disney!

If you had a dinner party, which 3 film characters would you invite? 
Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of The Caribbean), Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction) no illegal substances allowed please miss. And Brian Johnson (The Breakfast Club)
This would be an AMAZING party. Lots of dancing!

What's the very last film you watched? Did you enjoy it?
Suicide Squad. I loved it!! I knew I would. I love Margot Robbie, and the soundtrack was amazing.

If you'd like to join in this series, pop me an email :)

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