Halloween Crafts with Viking Direct

We were recently given the opportunity to take part in a Halloween Craft Project with Viking Direct to create some awesome #SpooktacularCrafts! 

I have to say, it was quite a hard challenge, a little different to the normal sort of crafts we do in the house!
It was hard because we were given a box a craft materials, and we had to use our imaginations to figure out what to make! As opposed to deciding what to make, and then figuring out how to make it!

It was a really fun, (and pretty succesful, if I do say so myself) challenge! 
Let me show you what we created!
In our box of goodies we were given;
* Black, White & Orange Wool
* Wavy Scissors
* Pipe Cleaners
* Googly Eyes
* Black Card
* White Paint Marker
* Tissue Paper
* Lollipops

I was trying to think of these we could make with wool. I can't knit, so I had to be a little more inventive.
Why not make a spider web? I think it looks really good actually! I like how it's a bit wonky and mismatched. 
We then created a little spider using black pipe cleaners!

Next we moved onto to making some little lollipop ghosties! Such a simple idea, but I really like it! Just pop a square or two of white tissue paper on top of a lolly. Secure it, and doodle a little face!

The next thing we made were some yarn wrapped pumpkins! I cut out some pumpkin shapes, and the little ones wrapped wool around them. Adding some googly eyes!
We also made some little teeny tiny pom pom pumpkins.

Halloween is simply not complete without some black bats! Just made simply using black card & blu tacking them to the wall!

Last but not least, the little ones created some adorable cat masks! Using black card, the white paint marker, pom poms and pipe cleaners!
What do you think of our Halloween crafts?

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