Halloween! - Pumpkins & Party!

My family has a sort of Halloween tradition. We like to have a little family Halloween party the weekend before. My little ones are still very little, as is my sister and it's a fun way to celebrate Halloween without having to do anything expensive, or worrying about trick or treating.
We still dress up, dance to halloween themed party songs (which is often hilarious) and eat plenty of spooky snacks! It's just a simple, but fun way to celebrate the occasion, and we enjoy it. 

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I decorated my home this year (family friendly of course) and not too over the top, and made a few snacks, including rice krispie pumpkins! We also had jelly snakes, chocolate orange muffins, biscuits, ghost lollipops & monster munch! 

My little girlie dressed up as a cat, my little guy was a skeleton. My mum & sister were witches, my sister was Supergirl, my brother was a farmer, and I..being completely weird...decided to dress up as Coraline!
Not sure about this one.. haha.

Today we're just having a normal day at home, going to watch Hotel Transylvania & then a horror movie when the little ones are in bed. Pretty good few days. :)

What are you doing for Halloween?

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