The Bedtime Tag

I have seen a few other bloggers take part in the bedtime tag
so I decided I wanted to do it myself.
As well as share a little bit about my bedtime routine. :)

10:45 - 11

PJ's & Late Night Snack!
Yes I know i'm terrible, but i'm super duper hungry at the moment.
I generally have some fruit, cereal or a bit of toast before bed :)


Now it's been getting colder, I've been taking a mug of hot chocolate to bed, instead of tea and recently I've been having a hot water bottle too :)
It's so nice to be all snuggly in bed! 


I then take my make up off, use my face wash, and smother on lots of moisteriser 
& lip balm
Brush my hair, take my jewellery off & get cosy in bed. :)


When I get into bed, I like to watch Youtube. I check through the channels I am subscribed to, if they have any new videos. If not, I just go from one video to the next, clicking away. I always end up watching the most random things! I then drink my hot chocolate and go to sleep.
(Until the little ones get in my bed early in the morning!)

The Bedtime Tag

What are you favourite pyjamas? 
My favourite pyjamas are my onesie, but I can only wear it when it's really cold, and I can't wear it actually in bed! Only until I get into bed. Otherwise I like to wear a large t-shirt, baggy men's pj trousers and a huge jumper. Baggy, comfy pjs are the best!

Current bedtime reading? 
I haven't read any books for a while now! Oh dear. I like to watch Youtube in bed. I usually say I will only spend half an hour doing this, but I often end up doing it for at least an hour and a half!

What is on your bedside table?
- A large cup of tea
- Earphones
- Hairbands
- My iBeani
- Nappies
- Cushions
- A candle

Favourite sleepy scent? 
The smell of tea...Haha. Lavender is such a sleepy scent though, so if i'm having trouble sleeping, a few drops of it definetly does the trick!

What is your usual bedtime & wakeup time? 
I am usually in bed by 11:30, but generally don't fall asleep till 1ish.
And the little ones wake me up at 6:30 in the morning.

Top 3 bedtime products? 
The three things I need at bedtime are my Nivea Moisteriser, A cup of tea, and at the moment, my hot water bottle.

Your most common sleeping position?
I fall asleep on my side facing the wall, curled up like a ball.
I wake up facing the other way, half off the bed.

Any strange bed time routines? 
I make a hot drink, get into bed, watch Youtube, drink my drink. Take my mug downstairs, say goodnight to my better half, go back up and go to sleep! Haha

Are you big spoon or little spoon? 
Generally it's just me in the bed when I fall asleep!

What's your bedtime routine?
Why don't you join in the bedtime tag too? :)

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