{The Ordinary Moments} - Lazy Weekends

Is it just me or do you feel a bit guilty when you don't do much some days. Days when you just haven't really got anything to do. Stay in your pjs for a while, get dressed at some point in the day and maybe..just maybe go for a quick walk or pop to the shops. It makes me feel guilty that I'm not doing anything exciting with the little ones. Not taking them anywhere or doing any fun activities with them. 

Friday was an inset day for my little girlie's nursery. It's hard because she just started getting excited about going, rather than clinging to me and as next week is half term, i'm really worried she's going to go back to being clingy aswell. Nursery is good for her, and it's good for her brother to get some one on one time with me. 

So yes, we had Friday, Saturday & Sunday at home, not seeing anyone, not going anywhere very exciting
I was trying hard to come up with ideas to keep them entertained, figuring out things we could do to keep them occupied. Feeling guilty that I'm just being a crap mum. 

The funny thing is though, they don't really seem to mind being at home.
We aren't really just at home all that often.
Mondays are busy busy, shopping, running errands, going to the park.
Tuesdays are nursery days, i.e 'little guy gets to catch up on sleep days'.
Wednesdays we normally visit friends or go out somewhere.
Thursdays we see family.
Fridays are nursery/sleep days
Saturdays we see family & Sundays are really the only day at home we have.

Yet, I still feel guilty about this one weekend, where we have no plans.

Honestly though, it's been a great weekend.
Sure it's been a lazy weekend, staying in pjs for far longer than normal, waking up later. Watching too much tv. But this weekend has involved nature walks, toy shopping, visit to the library, crafts, snuggling up on the sofa reading stories & watching Disney movies.

The little ones are happy, relaxed, playing.
I am far less stressed than I was at the beginning of the week.

It has been a good weekend.
Sometimes lazy weekends are needed.

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