World Homeless Day

The 10/10 marks World Homeless Day
The day is about drawing attention to the largely increasing number of homeless people, and their needs. Trying to figure out how to respond and providing opportunities for communities to get involved.

Homeless means you don't have a stable place to stay. Whether you are sleeping rough, sleeping somewhere where you aren't allowed or are temporarily crashing on a friends sofa. 

Homelessness can affect anyone, of any age, and for any reason.
The common misconception is that the majority of homeless people are alcohol or drug abusers.
This is not true. Any reasons could include; debt, escaping abuse, a disaster and many more.

World Homeless Day is about helping. Providing information and making a difference.
Whether it be educating others about homeless issues, highlight local issues, getting someone to take notice.
Raising funds in your community, creating care packages.

There are so many ways you can make a difference.
We just need everyone to chip in.

I saw this video the other day and I just thought it was perfect.

"World Homeless Day is something you can point to on the calendar each year and use to make a significant difference in your local community" Find out if your community does anything. If it does, fantastic! Take part. If it doesn't, BE THE CHANGE. You can start something.

Last year I found out that around the UK people were setting up collection points. People were given a list of items to create care packages for the homeless, wrapped up for Christmas and they dropped them off at collection points. Various homeless charities were then collecting them, and distributing them to the homeless.
I then found out that there wasn't a collection point within miles from me. So I set one up!
I contacted business owners in my town, and so many people in my community took part. It was amazing.
It doesn't take a lot to make a difference.

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