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Welcome back to my Film Fan Friday series, asking fellow bloggers a few questions about their taste in movies! Today we have another amazing guest, Aby from A Blog For Thoughts

#1 What are your top three favourite films of all time?
 Mannequin, Peter Pan, Bridget Jones' Diary

#2 What is your favourite movie genre?
Rom Com !!

#3 Do you remember the first 'grown up' film you watched?
My first grown up film was probably Rush Hour or Jaws.

#4 Have any movies ever made you cry? If so, what? Or what makes you cry every time you watch it?!
A lot of movies have made me cry! I'm just an emotional person but Safe Haven , at the end, gets me every time.

#5 What is the scariest film you have ever seen?
Without a doubt...Child's play. Creepy dolls and I are not a good combination!

#6 If there was a film based on your life, who would play you?
My uncle has always said that I remind him of Halle Berry so I guess it would have to be her. Although I don't see the resemblance.

#7 What would be the opening song on the soundtrack, to the movie about you?
Little Me by Little Mix. I connect to that song on such a high level, and it is just perfect.

#8 Harry Potter or Disney?
Oh! This is such a tough decision because I love Disney and Harry Potter so much ! However, there's such a variety of Disney movies that you can choose one depending on what you feel like watching. So it has to be Disney. (Sorry, Harry)

#9 If you had a dinner party, which 3 film characters would you invite? 
Jack Sparrow, Hermione Granger, and Tony Stark. I think that is a recipe for a truly fantastic Dinner Party !

#10 What's the very last film you watched? Did you enjoy it?
Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides. I loved it ! It never ceases to amaze me how Jack Sparrow gets away with things that should be stupid but he makes them seem genius.
Thank so much for taking part Aby! I have to say I can see the Halle Berry resemblance!!

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