How Do You Sleep?

I am one of those people who, when I am really tired, wherever I am, I can fall asleep. In the car, on a bus, on a beanbag, under a rug! Lately I've often been falling asleep sat upright whilst I'm supposed to be doing something else! Trouble is though, when I actually get into bed, it takes me far too long to fall asleep! Our sleeping situation is perhaps a little different to yours. We don't have a bed, but just thick mattress on the floor. We co-sleep, not all night, but every night. The little ones generally come into my bed between 1-4 am. Also I say 'we' but me & my husband don't actually share a bed. We haven't for a really long time! Since our little girlie was born in fact. He stays up much later than me, and we wake up much earlier. I honestly don't think there would be enough room in our bed for me, little girlie, little guy & my OH!

So my question is..How Do You Sleep?

I put on my pjs, take my decorative pillows of my bed, and put on my extra cushion that I like to lie on, but isn't for show as it's a bit..flat. I turn my nightlight on (yes I have a nighlight!) and my main light off, and get into my comfy bed. Generally watch random Youtube videos, clicking from one to another until my hot chocolate is cool enough to drink! Go downstairs, say goodnight to the OH, take my inhaler, leave my tablet downstairs, so I don't get distracted, go back up. Shut the bathroom door, put the stairgate on, and hop into bed & try to sleep. (I recently read here that using an older mattress can cause sleep issues, maybe it's time for an upgrade!)

That's when the problems start.
I like to sleep on my front, but sometimes it hurts my neck, if my pillows are too plump.
So I turn to face the wall, but I don't like having my back to the door. So I turn around again.
My arms have to be tucked in, but no squashed. My legs have to be stretched out, but not touching each other. My toes have to be safely tucked in, and hidden from monsters.

I then realise there is stuff I have to remember tomorrow.
I grab my phone and jot down shopping lists, ideas, anything.
Try and shut my eyes again.
Just as I start to drift off..I hear...fidgeting and whinging. The little ones are awake!

So that's how I sleep! I asked some bloggers how they sleep too, and here's what they said!

Becky @ Little, Big and Me: "I usually lie there on my phone for ages! Then I try and sleep but can only have one pillow under my head. I always have a V pillow between my legs, because I can't get comfy without with. I sleep on my side/front and toss and turn for ages usually. I can't sleep with arms or legs out of the covers as I have a total irrational fear about them being exposed!"

Emily @ Emily and Indiana: "We watch an episode of Modern Family. Switch off, roll away (no one sleeps cuddling right?!) I sleep on my front and pull one leg up. No limbs must leave the duvet in fear of getting taken by a monster!"

Laura @ Wafflemama: "I put on clean pants (no idea why) then put my phone on airplane mode and cocoon myself in the duvet usually nicking the whole thing and I like it over my head too. I have to sleep on my left with my arm under the pillow. Legs remain in covers at all times so monsters don't grab my feet!"

Simon @ ManVSPink: "Get in bed, fall asleep within minutes. Drives my wife - who lies there for ages - nuts"

Maria @ Happy Mummy: "I get pjs on do asthma pump, wee, check Miss H, get in bed then look at phone - I can't sleep unless I know what time it is when I go to sleep. The first thing I do when I wake is look at the time and see many hours I've had (minus any night time wakings) - I go to kiss H come back and check the clock again before going off "

*This is a collaborative post

How do YOU sleep?

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