Quit Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes

*This is a collaborative post*

Each year, millions of people attempt to stop their deadly habit. E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular, which I think is great. Sure it's not the same as quitting all together, but apparently e-cigarettes are 95% better for you than normal cigarettes!

E-cigarettes are so popular because they still contain the addictive element, nicotine, while removing all the harmful chemicals which cigarettes contain. Vype is a brand that is specifically aimed at people who have recently decided to quit smoking, and begin vaping. They provide excellent starter kits for a truely satisfying alternative to nasty cigarettes. 

With a huge range of choice, high quality hardware and a fantastic range of flavours, Vype is a great brand to turn to, offering adult smoking the power to give up smoking, while keeping the sensation of smoking a cigarette. No tobacco. No chemicals.

(You can see my full disclosure here.)

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