The Hidden Risks Of DIY

*This is a collaborative post* 

I have recently joined a DIY Lovers FB page, and I am obsessed. Honestly I recommend you join as you will be sucked into the crazy world of DIY and want to switch up your entire home!

If you are a confident DIYer, or just fancy dipping your toe into the world of DIY, you need to be aware of the hidden risks. When we moved into our current home, it was a bit of a state. We had to repaint every wall in the house, put up wallpaper and even put down new carpet. Also of course the obvious decorating side of it, putting up pictures, shelves & curtain poles. It's taken quite a while but it feels like a proper home now. 
Slater & Gordon recently took a survey and some of the stats they collected included, 73% of people surveyed are happy to paint or wallpaper themselves. 40% viewed this task as carrying no risk to health. 

But even easier DIY's that seem perfectly safe, such as removing wallpaper can pose a risk. I had never heard of mesothelioma before, but it's really quite a shocking illness. We recently had an asbestos survey at our home because we were having our bathroom redecorated, I honestly never knew it was something to worry about. If I had realised, I would have been a bit more cautious. Slater and Gordon, who specialise in mesothelioma compensation, have developed this infographic to help spot DIY dangers and keep safe while decorating.
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