{The Ordinary Moments #3} Boys Playing With Dolls

My little guy really watches how his big sister plays. He copies what she does, he learns how to play and it is adorable. They've been playing with tea sets & play food at the moment, having picnics! Aww.
Another toy my little girlie loves playing with are baby dolls. She has about 10, and she dresses them, changes their nappies, kisses them & pushes them around in the toy pushchair.
Recently my little boy has started copying her playing with toy dolls and it is the cutest thing. 

They both sit the on the sofa, cuddling their babies. Reading them stories before bed, and my heart just melts. 
Unfortunately though, my little girlie is not the best at sharing with her younger brother, and often doesn't like it when he plays with her dolls. So I decided I wanted to buy him his own doll for Christmas.

I don't know what your personal opinion about giving a boy a doll to play with is, but in my mind, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. My OH thought it was a bit weird at first, but I convinced him. 

My little guy is such a caring, sweet boy and I just find it so adorable when he shows this affection to others, even to toys. So why can't he have his own baby doll to care for? 
Learn from us, and learn from his big sister.
It's natural, he is practising parenting in some ways. It will give him the opportunity to develop his caring & nuturing side through play, and I think it's fantastic.

No more gender stereotyped toys.

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